Clipper Blade Sharpening use only the highest quality sharpening equipment and procedures in our sharpening process. These procedures ensure that you receive the highest standard of sharpening available. All sharpening is 100% guaranteed.

We offer sharpening Australia wide with a fast turn around time on Clipper and Scissor Sharpening. 

We can sharpen most brands of clipper blades. Some of the brands we deal with include Andis, Wahl, Oster, Shear Magic and Heiniger to name a few. Basically any style of removable blade then some.

We refurbish the Wahl 5in1 blade or Arco blade as it is more commonly called. More info can be seen here

Turn around time for re-sharpening:

When the blades arrive for sharpening/rejuvenation they will be serviced generally within 24 hours (48 hours max depending on workshop load) and in the post the next business day (after payment has been received).

When sending your blades make sure they are individually wrapped or separated as this will reduce the chance of damaging the teeth on the combs as they can be fragile.