Clipper Blade Care

At the end of the day, gather all the blades that have been used and use a dryer to blow all the hair from them. Take a pipe cleaner or similar and slide it under the cutter, side to side, and get the hair from under it. Clean the blades with a high quality blade wash like H-42 and put a few drops of oil on the teeth of the blades. This practice alone will prolong the life of your blades significantly.

About Spray Coolants

Spray coolants all contain about the same thing, Trichloroethane (brake cleaner), glycol, CO2 and water, and very little lubricant. These products do exactly what they were manufactured to do and that is cool the blade. There is not enough lube in spray coolants to use them as a base for blade care. Here is the correct way to use them.

  1. Turn your clipper OFF
  2. Point the clipper down toward the floor
  3. Spray the BACK of the blade only with one short burst.
  4. Immediately turn the clipper over and oil the cutter teeth with clipper oil. DO NOT SPRAY THE FRONT OF THE BLADE. The solvent will take away your lubrication causing more heat and making you spray it more often. Spraying the cutter teeth may cause the coolant to get inside your clipper where it will melt your carbon brushes and short out your switch and possibly the armature. It will also weaken the plastic of the blade drives.
  5. Turn the clipper back on and continue grooming.

Spraying the teeth of the cutter causes the reddish build up on the blades. When the build up gets thick enough it will cause the blade to drag. Sometimes it will seize the blade parts together and cause damage to your clipper when you start it up with the seized blade on.