Turn around time for re-sharpening:

When sending your blades make sure they are individually wrapped or separated as this will reduce the chance of damaging the teeth on the combs as they can be fragile.
We can sharpen most brands of clipper blades. Some of the brands we deal with include Andis, Wahl, Oster, Shear Magic and Heiniger to name a few. Basically any style of removable blade then some.

All A5 style clipper blades are sharpened by the same process used at the factory. Most blades need to be hollow ground and we accomplish this by sharpening on automatic equipment that hones a precision hollow grind the same as the factory does. This process leaves no room for errors.

Upon arrival your blades are inspected for damage, buffed on a wire wheel then placed on the automatic sharpening machine. Even though the machine puts a perfect edge on the blade there is still a lot of knowledge required for the re-assembly process.

Once this process is completed the blade pair is degreased/cleaned, dried with compressed air then demagnetized. The next step is to check the honed surfaces on a test plate to ensure correct hollow grind. A lot of sharpeners skip this process and just look at the freshly ground surface and I am yet to be convinced you can tell if you have the correct hollow grind by just looking. Even the top American sharpeners use a test plate!

The socket is realigned, comb/cutter is oiled and reassembled, cutter is aligned, setback set, spring tension tested then finally a test cut on rabbit fur which is the best hair to test on (if it cuts the rabbit fur it will cut most hair).

One final dust off with compressed air (to get the rabbit fur off) then the blade is packed in a resealable bag.

**Every A5 blade has this process done, no exceptions**

If the socket, glide strip, screws or tension spring need replacing this is done at no charge (for the first blade in each batch, subsequent replacements will be charged). When your blade wear plates are getting low and there is only a couple of sharpens left I will inform you.