Clipper Blade Sharpening has a state of the art workshop for sharpening all types of scissors/shears from the home user to high end hairdressing scissors.

Scissors are the tools of our trade and I treat them all with respect.

Being a Pet Stylist I know what you expect from your tools.


Preferred Sharpener in Australia for:

  • Jodi Murphy Signature range.
  • DGS Imports


Workshop facilities include:

  • Variable speed reversing flat hone machine with state of the art ambidextrous blade holder.
  • Variable speed hybrid “Profile Linisher” (patent applied for).
  • “Twice as Sharp” for dressmakers and general scissors
  • “Twice as Sharp” OOKAMI Gold Sharpening system.
  • Ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Corrugating/serration applicator.
  • Full complement of Japanese whetstones #1000, #3000, #5000 and #8000.

My training includes but not limited to:

  • Bonika University attainment in advanced scissor sharpening. (Trained by Bonnie Megowan – Master Sharpener)
  • Hamaguri Factory training in Convex and Bevel edge shear sharpening. (Trained by Dennis Brooks – Master Sharpener)
  • Wolf Industries Twice as Sharp School of Sharpening: Industrial shears sharpening, Grooming Shears Sharpening, Beauty Shears Sharpening and Scissors Repair and Restoration. (Trained by Jim O’Donnell – Master Sharpener)


Industry Associations:

I am a member of the following associations.

  • International Scissor Sharpening Association.
  • National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild.