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Welcome to Clipper Blade Sharpening

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional scissor and blade sharpening services.

We only use the highest quality equipment and procedures to ensure the highest standard of sharpening possible.

Blade & Scissor Sharpening

We have a state-of-the-art workshop for sharpening all types of scissors from the home user to high-end hairdressing scissors as well as all types of blades.

When sending your blades and scissors, make sure they are individually wrapped or separated as this will reduce the chance of damage during transit.

You can rest assured we’ll deliver an excellent sharpening service for all of your scissors and blades.

Our Services

  • Clipper Blades
  • Workshop Repairs & Spares
  • Scissors & Shears: Animal Groomers, Hairdressing, Dressmaking & Miscellaneous

We offer FREE return shipping on all sets of 16 blades or more and all sets of 8 scissors or more.

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