Elsie’s Ear Powder

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“Elsie’s Ear Powder” contains the old fashioned remedy iodoform which was first discovered in 1822. It can be used for animals with ear conditions such as itching and wax build up.




Does your dog constantly scratch or rub his ears?
One of the most common causes is ear mites that can cause canker.

“Elsie’s Ear Powder” contains the old fashioned remedy iodoform which was first discoverd in 1822. It can be used for animals with ear conditions such as itching and wax build up.

Itching and wax can be caused by ear mites, creating, in some cases weeping and an unpleasant smell.

These mites can also cause severe itching and redness in the paws or anus.

They can also transfer to other parts of the body causing general itching all over. Often a light dusting with “Elsie’s Ear Powder” can help this problem, bringing great relief.

The main compound finds small scale use as a disinfectant. Around the beginning of the 20th century it was used in medicine as a healing and antiseptic dressing for wounds and sores. It is now the active ingredient in many ear powders for dogs and cats, to prevent infection and facilitate removal of ear hair, along with zinc oxide and boric acid.


Brownish wax inside the ears. This is made by the mite inside the ear canal. The wax can either be dry, or may weep slightly. The ears tend to be smelly.The other type is much more offensive, and stinks of gangrene, while discharging globs of pus.

If your dog is suffering from sore, smelly, or itchy ears – you need “Elsie’s Ear Powder” for fast relief.
There are no antibiotics in “Elsie’s Ear Powder”, so it can be used in perfect safety.

EASY TO APPLY – no discomfort for your dog

A pinch of powder is applied using the end of a small spoon.

Lightly dust around the inner ear and in the ear canal. Gently massage it in with your fingers from the outside.
Relief can often come with the first dose, but the treatment should continue for 1-5 days.
Helps with other skin problems
Can be used on dogs, cats, rabbits and horses.

This very old home remedy which has been around since the 1800’s will help prevent infection! See your vet when in doubt!
May also be used in removing excess ear hair. Apply powder into the ear to make hair easier to grip and less painful while minimizing irritation.

Provides prompt relief from irritated, itching ears of non-parasitic origin. Helps your pet stop scratching and aids in the inhibition of bacterial growth. Eliminates unpleasant ear odors. Dries ear discharge and makes it easy to remove.
Ear Care.
Once a month fill the ear canal with a 50/50 solution of good old white vinegar and water! Some say it treats yeast, some say pseudomonas. Whichever it treats, it helps keep those ear canals sweet.

Should your dog have wet smelly ears, I would use Elsie’s Ear Powder twice daily for a week, once daily the next week, then weekly for a month. Monthly use of Elsie’s Ear Powder and the wash solution of Vinegar and Water should keep the ears healthy.

So, on the first of the month, 50/50 Vinegar and Water then on the fifteenth Elsie’s Ear Powder.

If the above procedures don’t work, or if the problem comes back, I would seriously consider that a food allergy could be the blame, and that allergy is frequently a grain allergy. I have seen this to be true with some of the Poodles. Putting dogs on a grain free diet can work wonders!

Instructions on use for Elsie’s Ear Powder

Monthly maintenance routine:
Place a large pinch in each ear and use your finger to work it down. Allow your dog to shake it’s head and leave the excess in. Repeat Monthly

Treatment of an existing infection:
Use as described for monthly maintenance routine, then apply a fresh pinch of powder to each ear. Wait twenty-four hours, then use a dry q-tip to remove all the powder and the balls of dried gunk. Put a fresh pinch of powder in each ear.

Repeat daily until the ears are no longer runny. At this point, repeat every other day, until there is no more seepage, then three times a week, then twice, then weekly, then every other week, etc. When the ears remain dry for three weeks, go to the monthly maintenance routine.

How it works

The reason this works so well is that the Iodoform powder kills anaerobic bacteria and fungi which flourish in warm, moist, airless places, like the inside of a poodle’s ear and more so floppy eared animals.

The Zinc Oxide and Boric Acid keep the ear dry, which prevents further infections. In the days before antibiotics, Iodoform was frequently used in human medicine to pack puncture wounds where anaerobic bacteria also grow. It is hard to find because it isn’t used much any more.


Find the full Elsie’s ear powder fact sheet here


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