Did you know that businesses are required by law to have their electrical equipment test and tagged regularly? If you don’t do so and something goes wrong, your insurer may not pay out!!

We are now able to offer test and tagging as an extra service while we have your equipment in for service or repair, saving you time and money by not having to engage a third party to come to you, interrupting the flow of your day.

We will use the latest, high quality testing equipment and provide you with a report so you know exactly what has been tested and when, your next due test date and who it was tested by. Keep this on file ‘just in case’ so you can cover all your bases for all your insurers.

We will also be able to offer test and tag services to mobile businesses and brick and mortar businesses within the Canberra region.

We have a nationally recognised certification, so no matter where you are based our tags will be accepted.