Wahl 5in1 Refurbishment:


We offer complete refurbishment of the Wahl 5 in 1 blade at a competitive price. Because of the way these blades are built they are very difficult to sharpen. This is because the cutter blade is made of very thin metal and is not designed to be re-sharpened.

5in1 Pro BladeRefurbishment includes sharpening the comb and replacement of the cutter blade and any other parts as needed. Essentially you get a new blade for the price of refurbishment. This is the best way to repair these popular blades with guaranteed results.

If you have the Arco blade that won’t stay on the clippers and is still sharp then it is likely you need a replacement platform. I carry spare platforms and levers if required. I sell them for $3 each + postage.

We also sel these blades new at at a competitive price here Wahl Arco/5 in 1